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Performance Management


Performance management of agents is an essential process for any organization that aims to be a market leader. In a contact center environment, performance management has two principal functions :

  • Call evaluation
  • Coaching / Mentoring agents

Call Evaluation

This function requires the preparation of evaluation matrices adapted to the organization`s objectives. The evaluation forms must be easy to construct and use.

Call evaluations allow you to :

  • note every aspect of the call;
  • include grades and commentaries intended for the agent;
  • include references to help train the agent;
  • initiate coaching activities;
  • measure agent and team performance;
  • measure supervisor call evaluation.

Coaching / Mentoring agents

Coaching helps supervisors to work with agents and help them to increase their performance.

Coaching allows to :

  • use established action plans and note the performance improvement objectives;
  • follow the progression of the action plans;
  • measure the supervisor coaching activities and their impact on team performance.

By managing performance in your organization, you will be able to improve the following areas to :

  • increase the customer satisfaction of the clientele;
  • increase the compliance to norms and processes;
  • increase income;
  • reduce agent and customer turnover.

Our Performance Management solution is called NovoCoach


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